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Summer is the main tourist season in the area, the beaches are crowded and many shops and hotels have inflated their prices. If winter is your holiday destination and you want to miss the crowds, then you should aim for November and December. During these months, important prizes are awarded almost every weekend, but not as many tourists as in the other months of the year, such as July and August.

Together with the mostly sunny skies, autumn is a good time to visit and you will see smaller crowds and lower prices compared to the summer season.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests pay for the entire stay for one week. Guests who pay the weekly rate will be charged for their stay at check-in and must pay at least $1,000 per day or $2,500 per week for a seven-day stay. For longer stays ThanSeven - Days, all guests must pay a week in advance, but for stays shorter than that, they can pay up to $3,300 per month or even $4,200 per year for an entire week.

The first night of the stay is payable at check-in, plus a $50 per month tax per pet (maximum $150 plus tax for pets). Each month is charged for the first two nights of your stay, minus a $5 per night tax (payable on the first night), plus $1,000 per day or $2,500 per week for a seven-day stay, if it does not exceed $500 per year for a full week or even $4,200 per decade.

Guests who cancel or fail to show up will lose their prepayment for a non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. Reservations will be debited at the indicated rate from the credit card that contains the reservation. If you cancel your reservation, you must cancel it within 24 hours of the date of cancellation. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will have to forfeit your deposit for the first night of your stay, including taxes, plus a $1,000 daily tax.

Please note the key package that you will receive with your check to plan your cleaning service for that day. The reception can help you with delivery of mail, fax and photocopying services if you require them.

For stays of 1-7 nights, guests can get fresh towels and bed linen for $1.00 per day, $5 per night or $10 per week for a total of $50 per month at the front desk. Make your bed with existing sheets, change linen and towels, replace soiled towels, empty the garbage, fill up soap and toilet paper as needed and empty the garbage. If you stay 1-7 nights and stay longer than a week, make your beds with new linen or make linen with your existing linen and change towels. Fill water bottles and refill them again, fill and refill them, empty garbage and refill soap, toilet paper as needed, etc.

The multilingual concierge service can help you with tickets and excursions, and is easily accessible from the motorway to the hotel, making it easy to get to and from the area's attractions. You can also take our free shuttle to all our hotels and attractions as well as our private bus service.

The city limits of Val Gardena are not very large, so when you search for a hotel you will notice many other city names. They will be in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Monica and San Diego, but not in any of the other cities.

These line charts will help you calculate your costs for your stay in Val Gardena and your upcoming trip. Family vacations can be sublime with a few nights in a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city for less than $100 a night.

Satellite Motel Los Angeles offers an en suite room with a private pool, private shower and free Wi-Fi. Retreat after a long day of sightseeing and relax by watching a movie while posting your holiday photos with free Wi-Fi. The Signature rooms feature a fully equipped bar with plenty of snacks and drinks to entertain you, as well as a wide range of entertainment options.

All rooms are open, airy and decorated in vibrant colours and feature a wide range of amenities including a private pool and private shower. Special suites include an outdoor swimming pool, a dining room with up to eight seats and a bar. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and strive to refresh the unnecessarily wasted natural resources. Pets can be in the same room as humans (no size or length restrictions), and pets can also be pet friendly.

More About Gardena

More About Gardena